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microneedling san antonio

Don’t let the word “needling” scare you! Microneedling is a treatment option that is remarkably effective at treating scars as an alternative to more involved laser treatments. Acne scars, burn scars, or even stretch marks can be improved. Microneedling even helps reduce pores and wrinkles, and improve the appearance of sun damaged skin. But how does the process work? Our advanced microneedling pen uses very tiny needles that move up and down in a vertical direction on your skin. The adjustable depth and speed of the disposable cartridge allows for a controlled and refined treatment. The microscopic holes made by the pen allow products to penetrate to deeper areas of the skin. These products work together with the mechanical effect of the needling to improve fine lines, texture, wrinkles and pigment, and sun damage.

Microneedling can help reduce

  • Scars (from acne, burns, etc.)
  • Stretch Marks
  • Reduction of Pores
  • Wrinkle Reduction

Worried about missing work? No need to stress, microneedling treatments are very safe with no downtime and the procedure is inexpensive compared to laser treatments, yet the results can often be just as good. This makes microneedling a true value. Another great thing about this treatment option is that we are able to perform it on practically any part of the face or body. A proper evaluation will determine what skin care path is the best for you. We are here to help! Schedule a free consultation today!

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