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Improve Skin Tone and Texture


If you are like many people you would like to reduce skin pigments, and skin discoloration is a common condition. Some are due to scars, sun damage or medications. The natural aging process also makes a person more susceptible to pigment changes. These discolorations have many names; age spots, liver spots and hyper-pigmentation, but are usually harmless. Skin discolorations can appear anywhere on the body, but the face and hands are where people are most usually bothered.

There are many “remedies” out there. Many home remedies or store bought products really do not work or are not strong enough to make a major difference. But over the last few years real progress has been made in dealing with skin discoloration. There are several new products that target the actual causes of skin discoloration or the skin discoloration itself. There are lasers that now can effectively remove many different kinds of pigment. There are new delivery systems to getting the new products to where the pigment is created, thereby helping to better control the pigment. The problem is knowing what works and what doesn’t.

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