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Why doesn’t Laser Hair Removal kill grey, white, blond or red hair?

Melanin is the primary chromophore for all lasers designed for Laser Hair Removal. There are two types of melanin. Eumelanin gives the color brown and black while pheomelanin gives the colors red or blonde. Due to the selective absorption of photons of laser light, only black and brown hairs can be killed

Is Laser Hair Removal one size fits all?

Not at all, each client is examined before each treatment and given laser settings by an experienced settings specialist. You are given settings based on the tone of your skin, the color of your hair and the thickness of your hair. We will also ask you a series of questions before each treatment to determine how your results are progressing and to ensure the safety of your skin.

Why is sun a factor in Laser Hair Removal?

The lasers used in Laser hair Removal are attracted to melanin. It takes around 30 days for melanin to be evenly distributed through the layers of the skin. If you are consistent in the approximate amount of sun exposure you receive in the last 30 days then we will determine you safe to treat. If you have had new or unusual sun exposure doing Laser Hair Removal may create burns and or blisters including 3rd degree burns.

What if I need more than the average amount of treatments?

While the average number of Laser Hair Removal treatments is between 5-7, some clients will need more treatments, especially when treating areas on the face. At Clarify we offer supplemental pricing for any treatment after six and at a substantial discount. While we can’t tell you in advance how many treatments you will need, areas of thick dense hair or areas where hormones play an active role may take more treatments..